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The Smarter Choice

Smart Sand, Inc is a fully integrated sand supply and services company, offering complete sand, logistics, storage and management solutions to our customers with our in-basin transloading terminals and our SmartSystem™ storage capabilities. We own and operate premium sand mines and related processing facilities in Wisconsin and Illinois.

Northern White Sand is the first and best choice of proppant for hydraulic fracturing as well as, vital industrial markets throughout North America, such as Glass, Foundry, Building Products, Filtration, Geothermal, Renewables, Ceramics, Turf & Landscape, Retail, Recreation and more. The story extends beyond sand itself; sustainable supply, massive reserve, quality focus, environmental sensitivity and efficient logistics through unit train delivery capability is smarter.

At Smart Sand, we think it is smarter to look at the big picture: moving sand from the origin to destinations reliably and continuously. Smart Sand is invested in sustainability, in our community and in the environment. We are a proud member of the Wisconsin Industrial Sand Association and the Wisconsin’s marquee environmental performance partnership, Green Tier.

Combining state-of-the-art mining, logistics, scientific and IT technologies with a commitment to sustainability makes Smart Sand the logical and intelligent choice for premium monocrystalline sand.

The Case for Northern White Sand

A Vision for The Future

It all started with a vision for improving access to “Northern White” sands, but in just a few short years, Smart Sand Inc. has been able to create one of the leading-edge facilities for mining and processing premium silica sand in the United States. We sample our products at each step in the manufacturing process, plus Smart Sand employs the latest in computerized facility management and logistics to ensure that all trains are loaded with the proper sand blend and delivered to our customers efficiently.

Green Tier Initiative