Smart Sand Mine to Wellsite Solutions:

Harnessing the Supply Chain Through Logistics

For commodities, logistics matter. Our bet is on smart supply chain management for our future. We have listened to our customers and have thought through inefficiencies, challenges and uncertainties in the proppant supply chain.

Smart Sand Mine to Wellsite Solutions optimizes proppant delivery by developing distribution terminals in oil and natural gas operating basins and by expanding our SmartSystem™ wellsite storage fleets.

And, we have partnered with rail companies, who are a critical partner in ensuring smooth proppant movement.

Proppant logistics is our business and our mission. This strategy has the tangible benefit to our customers by pushing the sale and delivery of sand farther down the supply chain, thereby managing the cost of rail, terminal and wellsite storage operations.

And at the final point in our supply chain, the SmartSystem™ is a “better mousetrap” for the “last-mile.”

Clean Is Smarter

Our clean running, ultra-efficient wet and dry sand processing plants enable Smart Sand to separate and process the highest-quality sand in the right blends for our customers 24/7/365, while minimizing our environmental impact at the same time.

Smart Infrastructure = Efficiency

Additionally, Smart Sand’s Oakdale, WI facility is home to Wisconsin’s largest private industrial rail loop enabling our team to schedule, manage, and fill unit trains more efficiently than competitive mining facilities. Our rail loop enables us to deliver larger quantities of the finest grade sands faster and more consistently. Smart Sand is the smart choice for consistent and reliable delivery.