Smart Sand Is Part Of The Green Tier

Smart Sand Inc. is an active member of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Green Tier Initiative. This initiative enables businesses and other regulated entities to stay in compliance with the DNR’s most current regulations.

About The Green Tier Initiative

The Wisconsin Green Tier program invites companies to reach for a higher level of environmental performance and to go beyond regulated requirements. Smart Sand, Inc. is proud to be a member of this program. This program provides credible, creative ways to enable businesses to be powerful, sustainable forces for environmental good while enhancing productivity, cutting costs and strengthening the health of a business’ culture and community.

Dynamic, forward thinking businesses and charter associations are benefiting from the advantages of being a Green Tier participant. But more importantly the environment and local residents benefit from implementation of the Wisconsin Green Tier Initiative policies and procedures.

Smart Sand Inc. is a proud member of the Green Tier Initiative:
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Wisconsin’s Environmental Compliance Audit Program

As part of the Green Tier Initiative, Smart Sand participates in the Environmental Compliance Audit Program which was designed to enable businesses and other regulated entities to stay in voluntary compliance with the latest DNR regulations. The program’s participants voluntarily audit their own environmental compliance, then disclose findings and work to correct violations all while maintaining limited liability. The law that governs the program contains specifically provides regulations that prevent use of the law as a way to avoid penalties for known or serious violations.


  • Encourages compliance audits to improve both awareness of regulatory requirements and compliance with DNR requirements
  • Builds friendlier working relationships between companies and the Wisconsin DNR that are based on performance and open communication
  • Allows Wisconsin businesses to face substantially less financial exposure and limited liability for violations disclosed as part of an audit