Regulatory Compliance Is Smart For You

Smart Sand Inc. has built a culture of being compliant to all mining industry safety and environmental regulations. Spending time on compliance improves our uptime and enables Smart Sand to fill orders faster and guarantee you have the sand you need when you need it.

Workplace Safety Is Smart Business

Keeping workers safe, keeps our facilities running longer to provide a consistent supply of sand to our customers. Safer workers means more experience at all levels of production. And a healthy workforce means a happier and more attentive team that keeps product quality higher.

Smart Sand is committed to meeting or exceeding the standards of the following organizations:

  • MSHA – Mine Safety & Health Administration
  • EPA – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • WDNR – Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Being Smart For The Future

At Smart Sand Inc. compliance to federal, state and local regulations not only keeps us more efficient and safer, but it also protects the environment around us and our neighbors. We comply with or exceed regulations that protect the land, waterways and air in and around our facilities to ensure that in the future we can successfully restore these same spaces to their natural states. When we protect our natural resources now, we know that the air, groundwater, water table and the land will always be safe down the road and that’s just SMART for everyone.

Smart Sand works to always comply with standards set by the following organizations. CLICK ON EACH LOGO for more information about each organization.