Smart Sand Industrial Product Solutions

SmartSand owns four high quality northern white sand mines from the St. Peter to the Wonewoc formations. We offer a broad product selection ranging from 8/16 to 100GFN. We have access to 6 railroads and currently ship throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico. We offer custom blending and also offer in-house packaging. SmartSand is committed to the industrial market space and has made a strategic commitment to assure our industrial customers receive consistent, long term supply of quality sand at competitive pricing. Our industrial team has over 100 years of combined experience in providing industrial products to multiple markets around the globe, which is why SmartSand is expanding it’s customer base so rapidly. Exploring the possibilities with SmartSand will introduce you to an entirely new way of doing business. We separate ourselves from our competitors, which in turn enables you to do the same. SmartSand is here to help simplify your sand needs. Let’s discuss how we can help today.