The Smart Sand Story

From the beginning, Smart Sand’s mission has been to address the critical supply constrains in the oil field services sector and facilitate delivery of large volumes of proppant direct to the well heads. Our strategic planning and technological investments were designed to provide industry-leading, reliable, environmentally friendly and cost effective access to API (American Petroleum Institute) Certified frac sand (proppant), making Smart Sand products the “Smart Choice” for the industry.


Our primary facility, which opened in June 2012, is located strategically on the Canadian Pacific rail line in Oakdale, Wisconsin. This clean, modern facility is environmentally friendly and takes pride in providing a consistent supply of premium “Northern White” frac sand in a broad range of mesh sizes to key producing regions, including the Bakken and Eagle Ford formations, and the Utica and Marcellus shales.


Smart Sand Inc. works closely with industry and environmental organizations to make sure that we maintain the highest safety and environmental standards. We work closely with or are members of the following organizations.

Logical & Efficient

Smart Sand is the logical and logistical choice when it comes to providing North America’s highest-quality proppant and related logistics services to the oil and gas industry. We continuously work to make the energy industry more efficient with the ultimate goal of leading the way to making energy independence in North America a reality.

Smart For The Future

Helping to make North America energy independent is “Smart” for our future and Smart Sand’s processes for continuous improvement in efficiency, technology and sustainability are a major part of an energy independent strategy that has continued to gain strong government and public support. Smart Sand is proud to be part of our nation’s efforts to be sustainable and energy independent. Make the “Smart Choice” when it comes to proppant…Smart Sand!