The Smart System™: SmartDepot Silo™, SmartPath™ Loader

The SmartSystem™ consists of integrated components that represent more than a decade of continuous development. Our system covers the entire proppant supply chain, but our “last-mile” solution fits any well, is scalable and deployable in many configurations.


Our distinctive bright blue and white SmartDepot™ silos are unmistakable at the wellsite or on the road. We have been told they are the nicest looking thing “in the basin.” We’re not arguing, but our real beauty is more than skin deep: a flexible and smart approach to wellsite proppant management that incorporates all the advantages of silo systems, “can” systems and custom arrangements.

  • The SmartDepot™ silo is available in two sizes and is operable in both gravity and pneumatic feed loading modes.
    • SmartDepot™ silo is unmatched in reliability, can be deployed/reloaded by one person in minutes, and is easy to move.
    • SmartDepot™ silo is backed by solar panels and is superior in safety, dust suppression, ease of use and remote operation. Multiple configurations are available depending on wellsite requirements.
    • SmartDepot™ silo includes industry-leading passive and active dust suppression technology; and the capability of gravity-fed or pneumatic operation.
  • The SmartPath™ loading system is the result of years in the field and continuous development, SmartPath™ has multiple approaches to cleanly and efficiently unloading sand and loading SmartDepot™.

Our system includes purpose-built trailers, which conveniently place our equipment into configuration at the wellsite.

The SmartSystem™ is often deployed alongside - and is compatible with - other proppant delivery technologies.

All of our installations include onsite support and our flexible leasing arrangements that make deployment an easy choice for your financial team, too. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..